Unit 6 – Our Solar System

NOTES: Solar System Notes
                Metric System

3/27: Evaluate and Modify Dynamic Earth projects

3/28: Brainstorming for Space Colony project, HW: Expert Contact Info, Begin Sun Structure

3/29 & 30: Finish Sun Structure, Heat Transfer Lab, HW: Sun Model

3/31: Metric System, HW: Metric System Practice, Heat Transfer Lab corrections
Handout: Metric Staircase Method)
Metric System Help! (Video 1)

4/3: Sun’s Magnetic Field, Sunspot Lab, HW: Metric corrections

4/4: Sun’s Surface Features Part 1, HW: Metric corrections, Finish Sunspot Lab

4/5 & 6: Planet formation, astronomical units, unit conversions, build scale model, HW: Metric Corrections

4/7: Sun’s Surface Features Part 2, HW: Metric Corrections

4/10-13: Defining Celestial Bodies, Weight, Mass, and Gravity

4/14: Solar System Quiz, Scientific Notation

4/17: Moon Phases and Eclipses

4/18: Tides and Tide Lab

4/19-20: Life Essentials, Exoplanet Survey, Exoplanet Survey Data

4/24: Review, Math practice sheet

4/25: Test pt. 1

4/26-27: Test pt. 2