Unit 2 – Weather

Weather notes (click on Weather)

Daily Activities:

Day 1:  Air Basics Lab (Station Guides)

Day 2: PVT Simulator, PVT

Day 3: Atmosphere

Day 4: Humidity

Day 5: QUIZ, Relative Humidity Lab

(MAKE-UP DATA)Relative Humidity Make-up data

Day 6: Cloud Lab

Day 7: Cloud Lab, Clouds, Precipitation

Day 8: Wind, Fronts, Storms

Day 9:  Tornadoes

FALL BREAK – Oct. 7-16

Day 10: Jet Stream, Global Winds, Coriolis

Day 11: Hurricanes

Day 12: Review for test, Jeopardy, Study Guide

Day 13: Test

Day 14: Begin Interim Assessment 

Video Links

Deadliest Tornadoes

Hurricane Katrina: The Storm that Drowned a City