Unit 2 – Weather

Weather Notes (<–Click on Weather!)

Day 1:
Notes – Atmosphere Basics
Work – Exoplanet

Day 2:
Work – Air Basics Lab (Make-up lab – Wed. 10/4 HR)

Day 3:
Notes – Is air matter?
Work –  PVT Simulator 
– Click on the Play icon
– Click Keep
– Click on the file to open

Day 4:
Notes – Pressure Basics, Wind

Day 5:
Work – Virtual Ballooning, Ballooning to Explore the Atmosphere <– Worksheet (FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CLOSELY!!!  THIS IS NOT A HARD ACTIVITY!!  DO NOT OVERTHINK IT!)

Day 6:

Day 7:
Notes:  Local and Global Winds, Humidity

Day 8:
Notes: Dew Point
Activity: Humidity labHumidity data – Use 11 spoonfuls as your saturation amount.

Day 9:
Activity: Cloud Lab

Day 10:
Notes: Clouds and Precipitation

Day 11:
Notes: Meteorology

Day 12:
Notes: Air Masses, Fronts, Jet Stream

Day 13:
Activity: Weather Forecasting Lab  (Worksheet) (Maps)

Day 14:
Notes: Storms, Tornadoes
Activity:  Video and Questions

Day 15:
Notes: Tornadoes
Activity: Video and Questions

Day 16:
Notes: Coriolis, Hurricanes
Activity: Video, Article

Day 17:
Activity: Planet Project Instructions, Rubrics

Day 18:
Notes: Hurricanes
Activity: Video, Article