Unit 5 – Dynamic Earth

1 Earth’s Formation
2 Earth’s Layers
3 Relative Dating
4 Absolute Dating
5 The Evidence for Continental Drift
6 Boundaries
7 Volcanos, Earthquakes and Tsunamis


2/6:  Early Earth

2/7:  Earth’s Layers, HW:  Earth Model

2/8-9:  Relative Dating & Relative Dating Ice Cream LabHW: Finish Lab
For make-up:  Imagine the sundae you would create.  Have a parent sign for the checkpoints.

2/10: 2-4 Radioactive Decay Lab, HW: Finish Lab
For make-up:  Have a parent sign for the graph checkpoint.

2/13: Absolute Dating,

2/14: QUIZ

2/15-16:  Continental Drift Activity,  Plate Tectonics, Boundary 2-5 Boundary Inquiry Activity

2/21: Convergent Boundaries, Explosive Volcanoes

2/22-23:  Earthquake Lab

2/24: Transform Boundaries, Earthquakes,

2/27: Earthquakes

2/28: Earthquakes, Tsunamis

3/1-2 Divergent Boundaries, Tsunami video, Japan’s Killer Quake Video Questions

3/3 Hot Spots, Tsunami Video

3/6 Review

3/7 Unit Test
Virtual Volcano Lab